Short stories and poems


I’ve had short stories and poems published in various magazines and anthologies:

My poem ‘Physics for the unwary student’ is included in A Year of Scottish Poems

My story ‘Unsettled’ is in Home is Elsewhere published by The Reader Berlin

My story ‘Lowland Clearances’ is in a special edition of Shoreline of Infinity, produced in partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Two poems ‘The (indirect) evidence for dark matter as inferred from the higher-than-predicted speed of galaxy rotations’ and ‘On the latest discovery of an exoplanet’, are included in a special Scottish edition of The Café Review

Two poems, ‘Nowhere special’ and ‘Getting lost in the physics department at Kings Buildings’ in Umbrellas of Edinburgh, poetry inspired by Edinburgh

I’m one of the poets included in the anthology of new Scottish poetry Be the First to Like This

Three of my flash fictions are in the Cooked Up anthology of short stories inspired by food

Some of my poems are in the science fiction poetry anthology Where Rockets Burn Through

My poem about Laurel and Hardy (and Einstein and Bohr) is in Double Bill

My story ‘We would like you to listen to our hearts’ is on Animal Mechanical and Me

My flash fiction ‘The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space’ was published in Fractured West

My story ‘The voice-activated lift’ was published in The Scotsman

‘An Investigation into Love by Babcock and Wainwright’ and ‘The history of the universe’ are on Lablit

My poem ‘Chile 1989’ was published in New Writing Scotland 30

My story ‘Jacob and the Angel’ is in the National Gallery of Scotland’s anthology “Inspired? Get Writing!”

My stories ‘The Shortest Route on the Map is not the Quickest’ and  ‘Astronomy 101’ were published in Gutter



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