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2014-2015 I’m one of the two editors of the forthcoming anthology of short stories ‘I am because you are’ inspired by the theory of general relativity which will be published in 2015 by Freight Books. If you’re interested in contributing a story to this anthology then you can get more info here! The deadline for contributions is 28 Feb 2015.

Oct 2014 – hear me read at the Glasgow launch of Be the First to Like This at the CCA on 29 October.

Oct 2014 – my poems included in the new Scottish anthology of poetry Be the First to Like This can also be heard on the Scottish Poetry Library’s soundcloud stream

Oct 2014 – I’m giving a talk about my novel at the Midlothian Science Festival on 16 October.

June 2014 – I’m giving a talk with the poet Simon Barraclough at this year’s National Astronomy Meeting  about writer-in-residencies (or should that be writers-in-residence?)

May 2014 – I’m reading my poetry at Edinburgh’s Shore Poets on 25 May. And on 17 July I’ll be speaking about fiction and science at Edinburgh Skeptics.

March 2014 – I’m running a workshop on writing inspired by science, together with Barbara Melville, at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on 7 April. It’ll be hosted at the National Library of Scotland and we’ll be using some lovely texts and images from their collections. And I’m chairing another event at the Science Festival on the ‘What Scientists Read’ project on 17 April.

January 2014 – I’m starting to plan events for this year! I’ll be at the Pitlochry Winter Words festival on 15 February, I’m speaking at the Stirling Astronomical Society on 14 March, and I’m taking part in cafe scientifique in Aberdeen on 14 May.

December 2013 – my short story ‘The voice-activated lift’ is published in The Scotsman

October 2013 – my short story ‘Furthest South’ is published by CulturBooks in both English and German as part of their new ebook range.

October 2013 – I’m part of a panel speaking at ‘Brave New Words: a celebration of stories and science‘ with Ken MacLeod, Babs Melville and Mhairi Stewart on 23 October at Inspace, University of Edinburgh.

October 2013 – I’m speaking about my use of astronomy in fiction and poetry at an event about different types of translation at Stirling University on 1 November.

October 2013 – I’m doing an event at the Dundee Science Festival with Jessica Fox on 9 November about using stories to reveal the hidden truths of science.

September 2013 – I’m reading my poetry at ‘The return of the red‘ at the Persevere pub in Edinburgh on 2 October.

September 2013 – I’m doing an event about ‘The Falling Sky’ at Wigtown Book Festival on 28 September.

12 September 2013 – I’ve got an article about astronomical observing in Chile published in the New York Times.

August 2013 – I’m interviewed in a Scottish Book Trust podcast – talking about ‘The Falling Sky’.

18 July 2013 – ‘The Falling Sky’ is today’s Kindle Daily Deal – just 99p until midnight tonight here.

July 2013 – I’m reading at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 20th August, along with Alice Thompson (author of ‘Burnt Island’ amongst others). And my novel is nominated for the EIBF First Book Award. This award is solely determined by readers’ votes, so if you want to vote for it, please go here (and find out more about my event too!)

June 2013 – I’m one of seven recently published authors reading from their recently published books at the ‘Significant Seven‘ event at Henderson’s at St John’s, in Edinburgh on the 21st.

June 2013 – I’m reading from ‘The Falling Sky’ at the Dunbar Literary Festival on the 18th, along with Andrew Sclater, Erika Shorter and Katy McAulay.

June 2013 – I’m reading something short at Rob A Mackenzie’s Olympithon charity event at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh on the 19th.

May 2013 – I’m taking part in two events on art-science projects that I’m involved in, firstly ‘Art meets science; creating the genome‘ at the Scottish Poetry Library on May 21st. And ‘What Scientists Read‘ at Looking Glass Books on May 30th.

April 2013 – I’m one of several poets reading from their contributions to the anthology ‘Where Rockets Burn Through’ at the Scottish Poetry Library.

April 2013 – my book is being launched at Looking Glass Books in Edinburgh on April 24th. Go here for an invite.

April 2013 – I’m appearing at the Aye Write! literary festival in Glasgow with fellow Freight writer Tendai Huchu  on April 14th.

January 2013 – my poem ‘Physics for the unwary student’ (published in ‘Where Rockets Burn Through‘) is on a Nature podcast.

November 2012 – I’m reading at the Linlithgow Book Festival on 3 November at 7:30pm with fellow Gutter writers Brian McCabe, Elizabeth Reeder and Andrew Philip – tickets £5.

October 2012 – my novel will be published next year by Freight Books.

October 2012 – a poem inspired by Alan Turing will be published in the ‘Take Tea with Turing‘ anthology, to be launched in Edinburgh on 23rd November at 7pm, at Inspace.

October 2012 – two of my poems are in a new anthology ‘Where Rockets Burn Through‘ edited by Russell Jones and published by Penned in the Margins. A launch event will be happening on 29th November at Blackwells in Edinburgh.

October 2012 – I’m reading at ‘Cell Cultures‘ with Ken MacLeod and Jennifer Rohn at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on 3rd November – an afternoon of fiction and genetics organised by the Genomics Forum.

October 2012 – nice blog by the Scottish Poetry Library on this week’s event about poetry and astronomy with myself and Marek Kukula at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

August 2012 – I’m going to be writer in residence at this year’s Wigtown Book Festival, which has a theme of  ‘dark skies’.

August 2012 – my novel is one of the three finalists for the Dundee International Book Prize. The winner will be announced on 25 October.

July 2012 – my poem ‘Chile 1989’ is published in this year’s New Writing Scotland anthology.

June 2012 – I’m running a workshop on fiction inspired by science at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, on 27th August, as well as chairing an event on DIY biology on 13 August.

May 2012 – my novel is shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize

May 2012  – I’m involved in an exciting new project looking at literary influences on scientists; What Scientists Read?

May 2012 – my review of  ‘The Sensorium of God’ by Stuart Clark is published on Lablit

February 2012 – I’ve won a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award!

February 2012 – an extract from my novel is published in the latest issue of Gutter.

16 September 2011 – I’ve published an article on CULTurMAG about genetics, language and identity in Scotland.

August 2011 – I blogged on various events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

19 May 2011 – I’ve published an article on Newsnet Scotland about the interaction between science and fiction.

17 May 2011 – My review of ‘The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth‘ by Stuart Clark is now on Lablit.

April 2011 – My review of ‘Creative Community Planning’ by Wendy Sarkissian and Diana Hurford is published in the British Science Association’s magazine; People and Science.

13 February 2011 – My story ‘Astronomy 101’, about the cosmic microwave background and an unhappy love affair, is published in the next edition of Gutter, available later on this month.

30 January 2011 – My story ‘The History of the Universe’, about astronomers in Chile, will soon be published on Lablit.

The results of the Genomics Forum poetry competition (organised by me) are being announced at the Scottish Poetry Library on Saturday 29 January at 2pm – along with readings of the winning poems. If you can’t come along, then have a look at the Genomics Forum website at this time for the results, and the poems!

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