Book launch!

My new book ‘The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space’ will be officially launched on June 11 in Edinburgh at Looking Glass Books – join me there to slap a bottle of champagne against its cover.

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Glasgow Science Festival

I’m doing an event about astronomy and literature with Professor Martin Hendry at the Glasgow Science Festival on June 10 at the Mono Cafe, this will be a discussion with some readings. It’s part of the regular Glasgow Cafe Scientifique salon.


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I’m on Radio 4 ‘Open Book’

I’m on the radio! I did a little piece about solar eclipses in literature for Radio 4’s ‘Open Book’ programme. They cut the line about Enid Blyton though…

You can listen again at


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Leipzig Buchmesse

I’m doing an event at the Leipzig Buchmesse (‘book fair’ to those of you in the Anglophone world) on 15 March to celebrate the publication of the German translation of ‘The Falling Sky’ which will be titled ‘Weiter als der Himmel’ (a direct translation of the work-in-progress title ‘Wider than the Sky’). I’ll be talking with my translator Zoe Beck. More details to follow!

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Radio 4 Scottish Shorts

My short story ‘No numbers’ (which was (very) loosely inspired by my grandmother) will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday 30th January at 3:45pm. See  for more info.

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‘I am because you are'; short stories inspired by general relativity

I’m one of the two editors of the forthcoming anthology of short stories ‘I am because you are’ inspired by the theory of general relativity which will be published in 2015 by Freight Books. If you’re interested in contributing a story to this anthology then you can get more info here! The deadline for contributions is 28 Feb 2015.

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Be the First to Like This: New Scottish Poetry

Three of my poems are included in the anthology ‘Be the First to Like This: New Scottish Poetry’,  edited by Colin Waters and published by Vagabond Voices on 22 September

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Loncon 3

On August 17th, I’m appearing on a panel at Loncon 3 (the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention) to talk about Lablit with its founder Jenny Rohn and other great writers including Gregory Benford.

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Why study English literature?

Michael Gove has been in the news a lot lately. For those of you readers lucky enough not to know who Michael Gove is, he’s the UK Government Minister responsible for education in England (fortunately not here in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK).

He’s been in the news a lot lately for a variety of reasons – I suspect the underlying reason is his ambition to be Prime Minister. His department recently published new guidelines about what students should study for their English literature GCSE qualification. Read More »

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Talk with Simon Barraclough

I’m giving a talk with the poet Simon Barraclough at this year’s National Astronomy Meeting  about writer-in-residencies (or should that be writers-in-residence?)

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