Other writing

I’ve published the following short stories:

  • ‘The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space’ in Fractured West
  • ‘Furthest South’ (available in both English and German) at CulturBooks
  • ‘The voice-activated lift’ in The Scotsman
  • ‘Turning’ in Leaf Book’s anthology “Naked Thighs and Cotton Frocks” and in Fickle Muses
  • ‘Jacob and the Angel’ in the National Gallery of Scotland’s anthology “Inspired? Get Writing!”
  • ‘The Competition for Immortality’ on Lablit
  • ‘Identity Theft’, ‘Selkie’, ‘Potato pancakes’, ‘Time Dilation’ and ‘One of the ten plagues will fall on this house’ on the Human Genre Project
  • A contribution to the multi-media Triangle project.
  • ‘The tube’ in From Glasgow to Saturn
  • ‘Hail Mary’ in the Ranfurly Review
  • ‘The Sky Beneath’ in Ink, Sweat and Tears
  • ‘Astronomy 101′ in Gutter
  • ‘The history of the universe’ on Lablit

I’ve published some poems:

  • ‘From the Unofficial History of the European Southern Observatory in Chile’ and ‘Physics for the Unwary Student’ in the science fiction poetry anthology Where Rockets Burn Through

I also write articles and non-fiction about the interaction between science and fiction.

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