Hello! I’m a writer based in Edinburgh and (more recently) Frankfurt. I originally moved to Edinburgh to study astronomy, and although I’m no longer a professional astronomer much of my writing explores the hidden lives of scientists and their work.

My collection of short stories The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space is about real, imaginary and bizarre episodes in the history of science. In my novel The Falling Sky, a young astronomer finds evidence contradicting the big bang theory, and loses her mind. I’m also co-editor (with Tania Hershman) of I Am Because You Are, a specially commissioned anthology of fiction celebrating general relativity.

My short stories, poetry and non-fiction have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, most recently in Mslexia, Litro, Scottish Review of Books, New Writing Scotland and the New York Times, and broadcast on Radio 4.

My most recent project is ‘Uncanny Bodies’, an anthology of fiction, poetry and academic writing inspired by the uncanny. I’m co-editor (with Gill Haddow and Fadhila Mazanderani) of this book which will be published later in 2020 by Luna Press.

I’m currently working on a long non-fiction essay about acquiring German citizenship, my family’s pre-WWII life here in Frankfurt, and my experiences of the ‘deep’ universal history of the night sky. I’m interested in exploring how we accommodate the past into our present – whether that past is human or cosmic. This non-fiction work is partly reflected in my ongoing blog about living in Frankfurt.

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