I Am Because You Are



What is the opposite of an apple?

The space it leaves behind on the tree after it falls to the ground.

At the beginning of 2014 I realised that the general theory of relativity would shortly be celebrating its 100th birthday. And I thought that this birthday would be worth celebrating in the best way possible – through publishing some brand new short stories (and non-fiction essays, and a poem or two). And the anthology ‘I Am Because You Are’ was born…

The wonderful short story writer and poet Tania Hershman is co-editor, and the anthology includes work by Andrew Crumey, Pedro Ferreira (our main scientific advisor), Dilys Rose, Vanessa Gebbie, Lynsey May, Stuart Clark and many, many more terrific authors.

We’ve already given some readings from the anthology and talked about it at Orkney Science Festival and Wigtown Book Festival. We’ll be launching it formally (with a bottle of fizz slapped on its side) on 9 November in Edinburgh and 13 November in Glasgow. We’re keen (very keen!) to do more events, so if you’re keen too, get in touch with me.

Here’s an article by me about the anthology in the Independent.

And one by Matthew Reisz in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

And here are some reviews:

“…a collection that is as thought-provoking and inspiring as its subject matter, and which acts as a central hub around which the various pieces expand and contract.” From Structo

“Such is the display of writerly talent on display here that we are reminded that, as with space and time, the possibilities of literature will likely never cease to astound, amaze and inspire us. Yet the success of this collection of fiction, poetry and non-fiction goes beyond this.” From NothingInTheRuleBook

“I love fiction about science and scientists, and this book brings together some of the finest writers in this oft neglected area of literature.” Five star review by Iain Maloney on Goodreads.

“The balance of non-fiction, fiction and poetry in this anthology was perfect. I loved the range of ways that Relativity influenced the writing and the different take the authors had on the subject. All in all, a very good read and a great way to mark the centenary of this life-changing theory.” From Strupag

“A mixed bag of short stories, poems and essays as varied in content, style and approach as the backgrounds of the contributors could warrant.” From Geekchocolate

“Pippa Goldschmidt, Tania Hershman and Freight Books are to be commended for such a diverse, intoxicating, thought-provoking anthology.” Iain Maloney (again! thank you Iain) in Shoreline of Infinity

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