Galaxies, metaphors and what-not

When I started writing my novel, I knew I wanted to explore the effect of an apparent challenge to the Big Bang theory upon an individual character as well as the astronomical community as a whole. But what form could this challenge take? The theory is based on several well-established pieces of observational evidence, principally […]

‘I’m not a boy scout!’

People have asked me what genre I write, and I’ve often been introduced at events as a science fiction author. It’s not how I see myself, but who’s to say that they’re wrong? The boundary between ‘literary’ fiction (which I think I write) and science fiction is so blurred it may not be a proper […]

The Falling Sky

My first novel ‘The Falling Sky’ is published today by Freight Books. This is the latest stage in a long journey because I started writing it several years ago, and I still can’t quite believe that it actually exists as a book. I wrote it because I wanted to convey what it feels like to […]

Brecht and Galileo and – us

Now that my novel is done and dusted I’ve been concentrating on writing a collection of short stories inspired by science. One of the stories is about Brecht writing, and then rewriting, his play ‘Life of Galileo’ (Timely, because there’s a new production by the RSC). Brecht wrote the first version of this play in […]

The Next Big Thing!

My friend and great writer Roy Gill tagged me in his blog last week as part of an ongoing chain of book/writer recommendations asking and answering questions about their work. This week I’m in the sticky black leather seat answering the questions and passing the baton onto some more great writers. • What is the […]

Nostalgia for the truth

A new documentary ‘Nostalgia for the light’ has just been released. It’s a Chilean documentary about the development of astronomical observatories in that country throughout the 70s and 80s, at the same time as the Pinochet regime was persecuting thousands of people and incarcerating them in concentration camps. Some of these camps were in the […]

Would you pass the Turing test?

A lot has been written about Alan Turing this year; 23 June 2012 is the centenary of his birth. During his life, much of his work was secret and it’s only in the past few years that we’ve been able to appreciate fully the breadth of his contributions to mathematics, computer science, philosophy, and biology. […]

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